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Giorgio Dalla Pietà

Born and bred in Venice, Giorgio Dalla Pietà has always been involved with the sea, which, together with a passion for boats has informed every aspect of his life, both as a sport and in his working life.

Back in the fifties, in Venice, his father Bepi began to make the well known “Dalla Pietà” boats,  which over the course of the years have become a byword in quality and innovation, thanks also to the work and support of his other son, Gianni.
Since he was very young, then, Giorgio has lived and breathed in the nautical world, experimenting in and handling both the historic craftsmanship of the Venetian master boat builders and developing an innovative spirit on the construction and design front.

His lively curiosity brought him early on to an interest in technical design and he has made good use of this obtaining, amongst other things, ever more outstanding results in motor boats competitions, where he has become a World, European and Italian champion, both in Offshore and Inshore categories.
Over time, Giorgio has enriched his understanding and skill working actively in the family business which over time has expanded considerably.
In the last few years he has acted as consultant for private owners and for boatyards.

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Due to his experience and understanding of the nautical world he has also been “Marine Coordinator” in film productions (“The Italian Job”, “The Tourist”) and commercials.
Giorgio Dalla Pietà’s aim is to provide a professional service based on reliability and open relationships with clients and nautical professionals, always offering the best service available based on a comprehensive and longstanding involvement in all aspects of the field.
With the aim of providing his clients with an ever more comprehensive service, Giorgio has recently become a broker as a Maritime Mediator working also with prestigious boatyards and marinas with the aim of reorganising the business and improving the efficiency of their services.


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