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The "MANTA" is back in the water. Fully restored, with the hull made of wood, she is back to whiz with Giorgio Dalla Pietà.

A sample of the innovative boat known as MANTA,  designed for racing and born in the late '60s that led to the worldwide success the Dalla Pietà Shipyard and Giorgio Dalla Pietà to the World Gold Medal in 1987, has been completely restored and tested in the lagoon the first days of the year, thanks to the cooperation of the great Paolo "Pali" Vianello who retrieved an old Johnson Stinger 75hp. Giorgio Dalla Pietà was able to relive the excitement of speed and even those who have seen the performance, live or on video, got chills. Visit our Facebook page for pictures and video.

Furthermore, it will be soon organized a day dedicated to all fans to experience the thrill of board the MANTA. Stay tuned!


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